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From our first issue of The Music Insider…

David Reece

David Reece is a singer for his solo project Reece. We talked about his life in the music business and his future plans.

How is an European audience different than an American one?

“Europe seems to have a very stable audience and fans stay with an artist throughout their journey. America is my home but I really haven’t been touring much in the states at all over the last few years, so I’m not sure of the comparison at the moment.”

Are there any musicians that you haven’t recorded with or toured with? Who would they be?

“I’ve toured with so many and I’ve been very lucky with my opportunities. I’d like to do an album with Jimmy Page or Michael Shenker before it’s all over.”

How is the tour going with UDO? Are the two of you playing any old Accept songs?

“That tour ended in March of 2019, I can say that UDO treated us all very well and the audiences were great. We did play some songs from the Eatthe Heat record and the audience was very receptive. Actually, today is the 31st anniversary of Eat The Heat! Strange how it doesn’t seem so long ago.”

Is there a difference musically or in song writing between Cacophony of Souls and Compromise?

“Compromise was a great album and many people mention it to me and I see it at a lot of shows. Compromise was more of a hard rock style and I was growing tired of the direction I was going in, so I decided to get back to more heavy melodies. I went heavier with Resilient Heart for 2018 and it has kind of grown into my own sound.With Cacophony of Souls, I’m feeling great as a solo artist where I can do what I want.”Did you write the music/lyrics or was ita group effort?“The songs were co-written by: myself, Andy Susemihl, and Malte Fredrick Burkert. There’s a few on the album I co-wrote with Martin Frank from Shotgun Revolution. He also contributed on Resilient Heart, he’s a great writer.Any future tour plans to come back to the United States?“At the moment, with the pandemic, it’s very difficult to plan anything to be honest. I would love to return in 2021.”

Since being in Europe have you toured any countries that you haven’t played in? Have your fans in Europe increased?

“Yes, I’ve toured Romania and Bulgaria for instance and I’m very blessed. As my fans seem to be strong wherever I go.”

Do you think that downloading music is better than buying a physical album?

“Well, I prefer physical copies. Though streaming has been very helpful during the pandemic because many countries’ mail services have stopped running but I prefer holding the albumand looking at lyrics and photos.”

Is there any advice you would give younger musicians?

“Just never stop! Have faith and believe in yourself because if you don’t, nobody else will.I wish you all great health and happiness.”

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