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From our first issue of The Music Insider…

Heather Langley

Heather Langley is the owner of Plectrum Heaven, a company based out of Birmingham that makes handmade jewelry and custom pieces.

How long have you been creating pieces for musicians?

“For two and a half years. I started out by making an acoustic guitar necklace for a friend. Overall, I’ve been making jewelry for twenty-two years.”

How did your sponsorship start with All or Nothing, a Birmingham based band?

“Brett Carlisle, lead singer for All or Nothing,saw that she was going to the National Association of Music Merchants. They struck up a conversation, he liked her work, and they developed a business relationship.”

Are there any other bands that you sponsor?

“William Blake Band, he’s a Country artist based out of Nashville.”

Have you sold any pieces to a National Touring bands?

“Yes, to several musicians and their roadcrews.”

How long does it take you to design apiece, or a custom piece?

“It depends on the detail. Usually for a set of earrings, necklace, or bracelet it can take thirty to forty five minutes. For a custom piece it really depends on how much detail is involved. Generally,a custom piece can take up to six weeks.”

How was the reaction to your jewelry at NAMM?

“Fantastic, I was invited by Flash Music Guitar. We shared a booth together and we had a great time.”

Do you have any future plans to go to another music festivals?

“Once everything goes back to normal …absolutely.”

Plectrum Heaven is an International company with stores in seven countries and all fifty states. Heather is also on the board of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Monument in Mississippi.

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